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Burf standing by Gasser

Gasser DH bike – Three years later

On my way to Eurobike I met up with my friends from Misspent Summers at Leogang World Cup. James and Ben were going to Eurobike, too. They had a bed in the Air BnB in Leogang that needed claiming and I was more than happy to oblige. There was also rumours of free food and

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The End Of My Era

About 8 years ago now, I phoned up a mate; “So when are we going to start this bike company then?” What followed was about 7 1/2 years of highs and lows; bike sales mixed with borderline poverty, awesome products but difficult manufacturing… a cycle of stress and euphoria. I have to say that if

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BTR Ranger Plus Prototype - Grinduro Scotland 2018 - Photo by Adam Gasson / BTR Fabrications

Introducing The Ranger Plus

Unless you’ve been hiding from the long arm of BTR social media, you’ll be aware that we’ve built a rather special bike for the 2018 Grinduro Scotland race. It’s something we’ve been asked about plenty already, and even built a few custom frames, so we’ve jumped on the opportunity to build the Ranger a wider

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BTR fork options from Marzocchi, RockShox and Cane Creek

Introducing Fully Configurable Frame Kits

Introducing fully configurable frame kits – choose from a selection of our favourite headsets and forks with your frame, to kick off your ideal build. [EDIT 30/08/2017 – Fork options now include the Fox 36 Factory RC2] [EDIT 31/08/2017 – Fork options now include the Fox 36 Performance RC2] Choice is one of our key

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2017 Pinner Steel Full-Suspension Bike

Steel Full-Suspension, Done Right; The 2017 Pinner

The Pinner is a single pivot, linkage actuated, steel full-suspension chassis with 130.42mm of travel for riding hard and having fun. It’s available in 4 sizes, and for both 26” and 27.5” wheels. As with everything BTR, it’s designed and built by Burf & Tam in Frome, Somerset, UK. This is our second iteration of

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Burf Edition Ranger against a graffiti backgound

Long Time No See – Burf’s New Ranger

Burf’s New Bike calls for his first blog in three years! The last blog I wrote was in February 2014 so that’s about three of four months after I started teaching at The Bicycle Academy.  I used to write the blogs during work hours. I would hide myself in a quiet part of the workshop

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BTR Ranger #102 Yuris Demo Japan - Head Tube Gusset

So Long 2016!

It’s been another great year for BTR. Here are some of my favourite bikes and times from 2016: One of our earliest complete builds, Ranger #093 turned out pretty stunning!  The complete bike was built exactly to Will’s spec, including August Bicycles handbuilt wheels, and working around the RockShox Reba forks he already had. Ranger #093  

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Burf Edition Ranger Frame Kit - Marzocchi 350NCR Forks

The 2017 Ranger

If you follow BTR on social media, you’ve probably seen hints of some new developments in the works recently. The 2017 Ranger gets a new geometry, more travel on the 29er, optional internal cable routing, and updated sizing. This update is the culmination of a lot of development work, including refining our build process and listening to customer

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Burf Edition BTR Ranger Bike

Burf & Tam Edition Bikes

Introducing Burf & Tam Edition build options – complete bikes built exactly as we ride them. UPDATE 24/08/2017: Frame Kits are now user-configurable; there are now a selection of our favourite forks and headsets available, so that you can choose components to fit your needs or your budget. Read more… One of the great things

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Internal Cable Routing Exit Ports In Front Of The BB

We’re Going In! – Internal Cable Routing On BTR Frames

You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re ready; internal cable routing is available on BTR frames! It’s important you know that we haven’t just been sitting on it, waiting for sales to drop before we launch a new feature or some other crooked, financially-motivated decision; nor have we been idly dismissing requests from customers. 

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BTR Trail Tool

Trail Tools; Back In Stock, Better Than Ever!

Trail Tools are back in stock and ready to go! The BTR Trail Tool is our Swiss army knife trail building tool; versatile, invaluable, and tough.  They’ve been out of stock while we worked on the next batch, but now they’re back! Order your Trail Tool now! Some said it wasn’t possible, but we found

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BTR Fabrications Demo Ranger Bike


Another huge step for BTR this week; we now sell complete bikes! has been under the knife a fair bit recently with all sorts of upgrades, tweaks, features and content being added.  Chief among the upgrades is the addition of a fully-built Ranger to our web shop! Ever since announcing our first demo bike

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BTR Fabrications Alignment Table Machining

January Jig

I guess we’ve appeared a bit quiet so far this year, but the truth is we’ve been anything but quiet! The major excitement has been the arrival of our newest tool, and all the work we’ve done to turn industrial equipment into a dedicated frame building tool. Something we’ve been lusting after for a while

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BTR Fabrications Chaser SS Bike Rigid

So long, 2015!

2015 has been a massive year for BTR- we’ve achieved so much, and there’s still so much more to come! We’ve redesigned our entire range and added a few new models, totally rebuilt our website with a web shop, and built our first dedicated demo bike, had our first official BTR Ride Day, built a

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BTR Fabrications Ranger Worlds Fastest Hardtail Siencs TV

Is the BTR Ranger the World’s Fastest Hardtail?

 That was a big week for BTR! Thanks to everyone so far who’s shared, liked, commented on, and reposted our ‘Is the BTR Ranger the World’s Fastest Hardtail?’ video- we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as us! Massive thanks to Emyr Davies and SiencsTV for riding, filming and editing the video! Buy your own

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BTR Fabrications Ranger #084 650B Frame

Daft Graft

‘What am I doing??’ is a question which runs through my head on a daily basis.  It’s not ‘I don’t know how to design/build bikes’- I like to think that Burf and I have got that down to a pretty fine art!  It’s more ‘Where am I going with this?’ When we started BTR back

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BTR Fabrications Demo Ranger Bike

New Toy!! Our Demo Ranger 650B Lives!

Some of you may have heard that we’ve been amassing parts for a demo bike for a while…and you’d have heard right.  Today we get to show you all what we’ve been working on- our 650B Ranger test bike! Check out the Demo Ranger gallery This bike will be starring in a new video soon,

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Dan's 2014 BTR Fabrications Ranger bike

BTR at Eurobike 2015!

All of the buzz about BTR Fabrications at Eurobike 2015! Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, you’ll have seen a lot of excitement in bicycle media recently about Eurobike- new product launches, awards, new ranges, etc, etc.  Eurobike is a major show for most of the bicycle industry, and this year it was

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Escaping to the Mountains – Winter Training in Mallorca

Escaping to the Mountains for Winter Training Earlier this month I flew out to Mallorca to break up the monotony of winter training in dreary Somerset. The roads are great, the sun was out (most of the time) and the mountains are incredible. Each day followed a fairly strict routine of eat, cycle, eat, beer,

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Winter mountain biking at it’s best!

Winter mountain biking at it’s best! January is all about base miles and i’ve been getting out with my local road club quite a lot, it’s always good to smash some miles with the chaingang. Road riding is all well and good but it’s no replacement for mud, which is why I entered the Gillingham

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December roundup: Mince pies and base miles

Hi i’m Ryan and i’m really happy to say i’ll be racing for BTR throughout my first proper season of 12hr single speed endurance events. I’ve done some racing in the past but riding long distances has been my thing for a few years now, including the South Downs Way, riding up mountains and riding through the

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2014 Pinner 650

Pinner available now!

Pinner available to order NOW! The Pinner is our go anywhere, do anything full suspension bike.  It features an enduro-style geometry, trail bike travel and downhill bike strength for a unique, reliable and inspiring ride.  £2500, including Cane Creek DBair and UK shipping!  Available for either 26″ or 650B wheels. The first production frame has been tested by

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Good Old News!

We’re pretty good with news we are!  So good that we mainly only tell you news long after its happened…ideal… On the plus side, we’ve got some properly good (old) news for you! All BTR frames are now shipping with a free Renthal chainstay protector.  We love Renthal products because they’re simple and unbeatable, and

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Ranger Dirt 100

The Dirt 100

  As always this blog is a bit slow on the uptake.  The Dirt 100 has been out for ages, and only now are we writing something about it. Sort it out lads! Anyway, I can remember reading the very first Dirt 100 thinking “I’d love to have a frame in there one day”. I

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Financial Times

Moving to our new workshop in Frome has been a pretty big step for BTR. We have both have held down jobs and worked in The Shed in the evenings and weekends until now. We had minimal overheads so it was easy to get set up, but it has become very difficult to keep on

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BTR Workshop Move

As some of you may have seen on the Facebook page, and in Dirt Mag, BTR has been in the process of moving premises. It has been a mental busy period for both Tam and Myself and this would explain why the page has gone a bit dead over the last few months. It all

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Shedlife – News From The BTR Shed

What’s new in BTR Shedlife? It seems like ages since Ive written anything here…I guess that because it has been ages…oh well!  Better late than never, right?  Here goes… We’ve been rather quiet over the past few weeks on Facebook and Twitter.  Not because we’ve been sitting twiddling our thumbs or watching videos of cats;

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We’re in MBR!!

We’re in MBR this month! Get yourself a copy and check out the article! We received a phone call from Jamie Darlow, staff writer for MBR, in February asking if we were willing to have him round for some tea an a chat about who we are and what we get up to in the shed. He

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BTR has distribution channels!

UPDATE 12/2018: Yuris now acts as an agent in Japan. UPDATE: Fix Distribution no longer is a distributor for BTR Fabrications.   I know right!? Its pretty nuts to think that two guys in a shed in Britain have got international distribution channels, but that’s exactly what we have! We have just recently lined ourselves

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A visit to The Bicycle Academy

It was around about lunch time on a Thursday afternoon, when received a phone call from a strange number, one I had never seen before. Maybe it’s someone who wants to buy a frame I thought? The voice on the phone said “Hello, this is Andrew Denham from The Bicycle Academy”. He didn’t need to tell me

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This Is Enduro Now 18/11/12

This was going to be our first ever Enduro event and we were a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s a long old way from the South Coast up to Kinlochleven and the fuel bill was going to be nuts, so we got two mates to come along and spread the

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Aston Hill Root Canal Poster

Aston Hill Root Canal Race- 09/09/12

Another quality event lined up this weekend in the form of the Aston Hill Root Canal race. The race is on the ‘Root Canal’ track- thats the 4-2-3 to those of us who haven’t been to Aston Hill for a while- and theres free practice on Saturday the 8th and on race day until 10am. 

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Belter Review in Dirt Mag

Dirt Magazine Belter Review – A Grand Day In The Shed

Dirt Magazine Belter Review I reckon its quite rare that anyone would get terribly excited about a grey package in their letter box, but there I was, grey package in hand…so excited I could sh1t.  DIRT’S HERE!! Rip it open, contents page….’Wear and Tear’ – that sounds like us, P138 GO!  Sure enough, on page

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