BTR trail tools are designed specifically for building, repairing and maintaining mountain bike trails, from dirt jumps to downhill tracks and everything in between.
Built to be as durable and dependable as our bikes, the BTR Trail Tool™ head has a sharp edge for cutting roots, a toothed edge for breaking soil and raking, and a flat face for quickly packing down soil. The tools are zinc plated for durable rust protection so you can take them out in any weather, and the holes in the face are so you can lock them up trailside while you’re out riding.

Made in the UK, our trail tools are available with or without the tapered handle which can help you save costs on shipping, but check you can find the right size tapered handle before you order because they aren’t always readily available. Few tools could be more versatile than the Trail Tool™; our tough take on the McLeod rake: Our tools are invaluable for bike park management, forestry commission departments, and find plenty of uses in gardens and allotments.

Looking to buy Trail Tools in bulk?

Discounts are available on bulk orders of the Trail Tool™, order 3 to save 8%, order 6 to save 12%, or order over 12 to save 16%. Kit out your bike park, supply your landscaping team or just treat your friends.

Use the BTR Trail Tool™ to build, repair and maintain mountain bike trails quickly… so you can spend less time digging and more time riding.