Burf & Tam Edition Bikes

Burf Edition BTR Ranger Bike

Introducing Burf & Tam Edition build options – complete bikes built exactly as we ride them.

UPDATE 24/08/2017: Frame Kits are now user-configurable; there are now a selection of our favourite forks and headsets available, so that you can choose components to fit your needs or your budget. Read more…

One of the great things about running our own bike company, is that we get to spec the bikes exactly how we want them.  This means no frustrating compromises in geometry, build or component spec.  Still, even Burf and I have our differences in what we need or prioritise, so we’ve launched our own ranges of complete bikes; Burf & Tam Edition.

Our complete Ranger is now available in Burf Edition and Tam Edition builds.  These offer two different builds, based on the same hand built frames, at two different price points, to suit your budget or your needs.

Burf and I both love one thing in riding; pushing our limits.  We ride at different levels though, and have subtly different priorities:

Burf has spent most of his years riding competitively and needs a race-ready bike.  While he hasn’t been racing much since we started BTR, the speed and power from years of national-level DH competition are still there.  He’s a strong guy and rides hard, so his bikes also have to be tough.  Having raced for many years (before BTR) on fairly unsuitable bikes, he’s developed an understandable aversion to mechanical problems.

Burf Edition BTR Ranger Bike
Burf Edition Ranger

On the other hand, I hardly ever race.  I like to think that I’ve got some decent pace still (you can decide for yourself here), and I live for the feeling of speed and riding on the edge of my ability.  That said, it doesn’t matter if I’m one second per minute off the pace, just as long as I can ride hard and fast.  I’m also 100% function-over-form; nothing makes it onto my bike unless it has a clear purpose.

Tam Edition BTR Ranger Bike
Tam Edition Ranger

Our two different approaches to riding are reflected in the build kits we put our names to; Burf’s builds feature top-of-the-line, lightweight and reliable components to cope with the demands of racing.  My builds feature the most functional, simple and effective components possible, without sacrificing performance.

Both build versions are based on the same hand built to order frames, so there really is no compromise in customisation, quality or performance between the two build options.

These really are bikes as we would ride them – because they are, and we do.


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