About BTR

Born through total passion and devotion, Burf and Tam Racing (that’s BTR) is the culmination of two mountain bikers who share a vision. In a nutshell, Burf loves making stuff, and Tam loves designing stuff. Together they make a formidable pair in the world of innovative bike design and construction.

BTR started because Burf and Tam wanted to combine their skills into realising their shared dream: to spend their days designing, building and riding bikes.

The duo met when they were involved with the innovative bike company K9 Industries while both were studying at  Oxford Brookes University. Somewhat of a bromance – albeit a geeky, weldy, bikey one – the pair hit it off straight away.

A love of riding fast bikes and a dream of creating no-BS, no-hype frames right at home in the UK brought them together as friends. It didn’t take too long before a design was drawn up and a frame was in the jig (an adjustable homemade jig in the shed at the end of the garden, naturally). Testing began in August 2011.

Since then things have developed massively; from humble beginnings with small, custom projects and Tam sleeping on a shelf in the workshop-shed; to steady sales, a web store, a proper workshop… and Tam sleeping in a real bed, in a house, near the company’s workshop in Frome, Somerset.

Of course, one thing has never changed, and that’s BTR’s raw passion for what they do and the hard graft that goes into this labour of love.

Burf is the ‘B’ in BTR. He’s the man behind the welding mask, and does the vast majority of our framebuilding


Tam is the ‘T’ in BTR. He spends most of his day in front of the computer, answering emails and tweaking designs

From The Ground Up

Filmed by geebeebee media, ‘From The Ground Up’ is a documentary about the origins of the BTR frame build process and the things that make us tick, shot over a weekend in the workshop-shed in April 2013.

‘From The Ground Up’ reflects a lot about BTR; it’s how we built the business, and how we design and build frames. While this is still true of our ethos, our workshop and build process have progressed a lot in the time since From The Ground Up was made.