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BTR Fabrications Ranger #084 650B Frame

‘What am I doing??’ is a question which runs through my head on a daily basis.  It’s not ‘I don’t know how to design/build bikes’- I like to think that Burf and I have got that down to a pretty fine art!  It’s more ‘Where am I going with this?’

When we started BTR back in 2012, it wasn’t a fully calculated decision; we knew we could make bikes, and naively assumed that was all we’d need to do.  We build them, people buy them, right???  Wrong.  Ignorance was certainly bliss back then- we knew nothing about running a business so we happily ploughed into it, thinking it was going to go exactly to plan.

While it definitely hasn’t happened like I assumed it would, I now wouldn’t have it any other way.  We started with nothing, so everything BTR is now is a result of our hard work and the patience and support from the friends and family around us.

Since the beginning in 2012 it’s been a huge task to learn everything that we now know, to build BTR up from zero.  We’ve done it all without a real goal in mind too; we just set out to build better bikes for people who share our vision of performance, durability, simplicity and honesty.

So where am I going with BTR?  Well, our initial values haven’t changed one bit, but after sleeping on a shelf in a shed for 18 months, camping on a narrow boat for another 18 months, and generally borrowing my way through life in that time, I definitely have an end goal that BTR will be my sole source of income.  I don’t want it all, I don’t want a lot, I just want enough.

I want to build high performance, durable, simple and honest bikes, sustainably.

Anyhow, that’s enough emo ramblings for now!  How about this 650B Ranger!?

Julian Mawby- Ranger #084
Julian Mawby- Ranger #084

Pretty hot, right?


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