Thoughts about the design of the things that we ride; why they are the shape they are, or what the ideal shape might be…

Internal Cable Routing Exit Ports In Front Of The BB

We’re Going In! – Internal Cable Routing On BTR Frames

You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re ready; internal cable routing is available on BTR frames! It’s important you know that we haven’t just been sitting on it, waiting for sales to drop before we launch a new feature or some other crooked, financially-motivated decision; nor have we been idly dismissing requests from customers. 

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Burf's Pedal Pins

Its All In The Pins – Why So Many Flat Pedals Are Garbage

Ever bought a new pair of flat pedals, and been left wondering why your old Easton Flatboys are still better?? It would seem like flat pedals would have their work cut out to do their job, after all its just 8 or so small bolts/screws/protrusions (the ‘pins’) and a slab of -usually- metal (the ‘body’)

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