BTR at Eurobike 2015!

Dan's 2014 BTR Fabrications Ranger bike

All of the buzz about BTR Fabrications at Eurobike 2015!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, you’ll have seen a lot of excitement in bicycle media recently about Eurobike- new product launches, awards, new ranges, etc, etc.  Eurobike is a major show for most of the bicycle industry, and this year it was big for us at BTR Fabrications too…but the strange thing is, we weren’t even there!  Nor were any of our bikes.

So why exactly do I think Eurobike 2015 was so successful for us?

The first and biggest reason is the number of hardtails we saw on show from some fairly large manufacturers (I’m not going to name any names) with ‘extreme’ geometries.  Really that mainly means hardtails which are getting closer to where our Belter and Ranger frames have been for years.  ‘Closer’ the key word here; we reckon they’re still a way off reaching the level of refinement and performance we first achieved in the old Shed, but at least there are more good bikes coming into existence.

Better still a Belter won an industry award!!  A Gold award at that!  Apparently it won because it has rubber tyres and short cranks…  Just a shame it’s a 20″ wheeled kids bike from another manufacturer entirely.  Still, it’s got a nice name 😉

But really the best news came via The Bicycle Academy, and has massive promise for the future…just a shame that’s all I can tell you about it really.  Watch this space…

Let me leave you with this picture of Dan P’s Ranger from almost a year ago…awesome.  Come on bike industry, catch up!  We won’t wait for you.

Dan's 2014 BTR Fabrications Ranger bike
Dan P’s Ranger, #050



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