Making things out of stuff. At a glance there’s not much to it, but the deeper you go, the more involved and difficult it becomes. The pursuit of perfection is never-ending!

Burf standing by Gasser

Gasser DH bike – Three years later

On my way to Eurobike I met up with my friends from Misspent Summers at Leogang World Cup. James and Ben were going to Eurobike, too. They had a bed in the Air BnB in Leogang that needed claiming and I was more than happy to oblige. There was also rumours of free food and

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Burf Edition Ranger against a graffiti backgound

Long Time No See – Burf’s New Ranger

Burf’s New Bike calls for his first blog in three years! The last blog I wrote was in February 2014 so that’s about three of four months after I started teaching at The Bicycle Academy.  I used to write the blogs during work hours. I would hide myself in a quiet part of the workshop

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Internal Cable Routing Exit Ports In Front Of The BB

We’re Going In! – Internal Cable Routing On BTR Frames

You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re ready; internal cable routing is available on BTR frames! It’s important you know that we haven’t just been sitting on it, waiting for sales to drop before we launch a new feature or some other crooked, financially-motivated decision; nor have we been idly dismissing requests from customers. 

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Burf's 2017 Ranger Prototype Bike at BikePark Wales 50 Shades of Black

BikePark Wales on a Ranger

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post…so long that in the time that’s elapsed, I’ve got older. To mark the occasion I rounded up my best mates, and headed to BikePark Wales on a Ranger.  In November.  It snowed and rained, but that didn’t do too much to dampen spirits… One

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A Tiny Introduction to the World of Metallurgy At BTR, we’re always on the hunt for ways to improve our products.  We leave no stone unturned, especially when it comes to structural parts… Before I get into this, I need to clear up a few things; 1. I’m not a metallurgist.  I research our application,

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Hack Bike Derby Monster Bike

Creating a Monster- Tam’s Hack Bike Derby build

The epic tale of the inaugural Hack Bike Derby, and the birth of the monster I built to race. The 2016 Hack Bike Derby is an invitational race weekend for frame builders to let off steam and race shonky bikes which would otherwise have no place in their workshop. Organised by Andrew Denham of The

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BTR Fabrications Alignment Table Machining

January Jig

I guess we’ve appeared a bit quiet so far this year, but the truth is we’ve been anything but quiet! The major excitement has been the arrival of our newest tool, and all the work we’ve done to turn industrial equipment into a dedicated frame building tool. Something we’ve been lusting after for a while

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PORC Trophies

PORC Series Trophies – Hows it’s Made

At the beginning of the race series, Mike asked if I was interested in making some trophies for the overall winners. This was something I was dead keen on so I began planning something that would be awesome, but simple to make….I couldn’t come up with anything that was going to be easy and time

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Busy-ness! – Activity From The BTR Shed

Its a BUSY week in the BTR Shed; Buzzing about all the building thats going on! Got laser cut parts for a couple of projects in- all looking good!  Really happy with how these horizontal dropouts are coming along! More additions to the jig too…in fact, thinking about it now, its actually finished! Wahoo! We

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Jiggy! – Building A Swing Arm Jig From Scratch

Building a swing arm jig for a new project… So here’s a rather massive clue to whats going on behind the scenes.  Not got much to say about this, other than Im pretty proud of it! It definitely features some of my best and worst welding (and a lot of mediocre in between), as well

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A visit to The Bicycle Academy

It was around about lunch time on a Thursday afternoon, when received a phone call from a strange number, one I had never seen before. Maybe it’s someone who wants to buy a frame I thought? The voice on the phone said “Hello, this is Andrew Denham from The Bicycle Academy”. He didn’t need to tell me

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This Is Enduro Now 18/11/12

This was going to be our first ever Enduro event and we were a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s a long old way from the South Coast up to Kinlochleven and the fuel bill was going to be nuts, so we got two mates to come along and spread the

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