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Burf and Tam Racing (that’s BTR) is the culmination of two mountain bikers who share a dream: to design, build, and ride the world’s best bikes.

Our focus has always been to build the best bikes possible, bringing performance, durability, and craftsmanship together to create hand built masterpieces which bridge the gap between engineering and art.

We built our first bike, the ‘Mark 1’ Belter, in August 2011. Though others make the claim, the Belter truly is the original long, low and slack hardtail; its 1270mm wheelbase, 295mm BB height, and 61° head angle put that beyond any doubt.

Emerging with these geometry figures, we were often branded as ‘crazy’ by those who hadn’t ridden a BTR. However we are now still at the forefront of a movement we pioneered in 2011; pushing the boundaries of performance, with supreme construction and geometry as our main weapons.

Making bikes is a passion and an obsession for us; we live and breathe the process of building a BTR.

Find out more about Burf and Tam, and what it’s taken to create our bike company from zero: