Lifetime bike riders, crafters to the bone.

This two-man band is devoted to creating fun, fast and reliable handmade bike frames. It’s our calling in life.

Every one of our bikes is born from raw passion and hard graft.

We’re not in it for a profit, we just can’t help ourselves.

It’s always been our dream to design and build quality bike frames right here in the UK. It’s a passion and an obsession. BTR Fabrications designs are innovative, our construction quality second-to-none.

Sure, we don’t suit everyone’s tastes – that’s because we make the bikes we want to ride. But it’s this philosophy that’s gained us top-scoring reviews across the board ever since we started out. What we do, we do well.

And if there’s one claim we’re willing to defend, it’s that you will not find another frame with as much love and care put into it, anywhere.

Find out why and how we started

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