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About BTR

Welcome to BTR (Burf and Tam Racing), where mountain biking meets bespoke craftsmanship. Founded in 2011 by Burf and Tam, BTR thrives on the shared dream of crafting exceptional bikes.

Our commitment is to blend performance, durability, and craftsmanship seamlessly into each hand-built masterpiece. The ‘Mark 1’ Belter, born in August 2011, set the tone with its original long, low, and slack hardtail design. Despite initial skepticism, we pioneered a movement in 2011, leading in pushing the boundaries of performance with supreme construction and visionary geometry.

Burf remains dedicated at the helm, handcrafting premium mountain bikes in the heart of the UK.

For me, crafting bikes is a passion and an obsession. I live and breathe the process of building a BTR, ensuring that each ride on our bikes is an unrivalled experience. Join me in redefining mountain biking excellence.sss