Bike Science

Bike Science, AKA ‘Tam rambling about bike stuff that he understands but can’t explain without using hand gestures and making funny noises’. It might be heavy reading, but physics is everywhere; like it or not!

Burf Edition Ranger Frame Kit - Marzocchi 350NCR Forks

The 2017 Ranger

If you follow BTR on social media, you’ve probably seen hints of some new developments in the works recently. The 2017 Ranger gets a new geometry, more travel on the 29er, optional internal cable routing, and updated sizing. This update is the culmination of a lot of development work, including refining our build process and listening to customer

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Internal Cable Routing Exit Ports In Front Of The BB

We’re Going In! – Internal Cable Routing On BTR Frames

You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re ready; internal cable routing is available on BTR frames! It’s important you know that we haven’t just been sitting on it, waiting for sales to drop before we launch a new feature or some other crooked, financially-motivated decision; nor have we been idly dismissing requests from customers. 

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A Tiny Introduction to the World of Metallurgy At BTR, we’re always on the hunt for ways to improve our products.  We leave no stone unturned, especially when it comes to structural parts… Before I get into this, I need to clear up a few things; 1. I’m not a metallurgist.  I research our application,

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Hack Bike Derby Monster Bike

Creating a Monster- Tam’s Hack Bike Derby build

The epic tale of the inaugural Hack Bike Derby, and the birth of the monster I built to race. The 2016 Hack Bike Derby is an invitational race weekend for frame builders to let off steam and race shonky bikes which would otherwise have no place in their workshop. Organised by Andrew Denham of The

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BTR Ranger 650B Demo Bike

Travellers – Why You Can’t Put 160mm Travel Forks On A Ranger

‘Does that take 160mm forks?’ ‘Is that 160mm travel?’ ‘Can I fit 160mm forks?’  These are questions that we hear/read at BTR almost daily, and you know what?  No; no it doesn’t/no it isn’t/no you can’t. Let me expand.  I am frustrated by these questions, but I’m not bitter or angry about them- they’re valid

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Burf's Pedal Pins

Its All In The Pins – Why So Many Flat Pedals Are Garbage

Ever bought a new pair of flat pedals, and been left wondering why your old Easton Flatboys are still better?? It would seem like flat pedals would have their work cut out to do their job, after all its just 8 or so small bolts/screws/protrusions (the ‘pins’) and a slab of -usually- metal (the ‘body’)

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