Racing is always in the back of our minds. We build bikes to go fast. When we take part, it’s surely worthy of a write-up!

Hack Bike Derby Monster Bike

Creating a Monster- Tam’s Hack Bike Derby build

The epic tale of the inaugural Hack Bike Derby, and the birth of the monster I built to race. The 2016 Hack Bike Derby is an invitational race weekend for frame builders to let off steam and race shonky bikes which would otherwise have no place in their workshop. Organised by Andrew Denham of The

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Spirit of Enduro World Championship – The Dudes of Hazzard

The Dudes of Hazzard are everywhere at the moment. They have got themselves a pretty sweet little brand going with their crazy antics and sick riding. They also put on a little shindig going by the name of ”This is Enduro Now’. We went to the first one last year and had an awesome time, so

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PORC Downhill Series 2013, Rd 3

The first two rounds of this series have been pretty damn good, so the excitement levels coming into this race were pretty high. There was much speculation about the weather, but the farmers weather app said there would be sun so some hope was still there for a top weekend. I had to finish welding

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Team BTR Fabrications – 661 Mini DH Race

Team BTR Fabrications – 661 Mini DH at the Forest of Dean This was going to be the first race that we were attending as “Team BTR Fabrications”. Unfortunately not all of us could be in attendance as Tam had to attend his ‘day job’ and Rhys Jenner busted his shoulder the weekend before playing

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This Is Enduro Now 18/11/12

This was going to be our first ever Enduro event and we were a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s a long old way from the South Coast up to Kinlochleven and the fuel bill was going to be nuts, so we got two mates to come along and spread the

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English Champs – Moelfre Hall

It’s been a fair old while since Ive been to Moelfre, last time would’ve been back in 2005 when I was still riding for Muddyfox! I was pretty excited to go back and send the Belter down the track. Tam was away doing some work in Cardiff, and the plan was to pick him up

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Aston Hill – Root Canal

Its been a long time since I’ve been to the Hill of Aston. I have never been able to pull off a good result, and I find the tracks pretty hard to get on with if I’m honest. But the Root Canal race was set to change all of this, apparently… We had managed to blag

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Aston Hill Root Canal Poster

Aston Hill Root Canal Race- 09/09/12

Another quality event lined up this weekend in the form of the Aston Hill Root Canal race. The race is on the ‘Root Canal’ track- thats the 4-2-3 to those of us who haven’t been to Aston Hill for a while- and theres free practice on Saturday the 8th and on race day until 10am. 

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Help For Heroes at The Bull Track 02/09/12

Now you have to admit that we all love riding our bikes, there ain’t nothing like it. So we don’t usually need an excuse to get out on the bike, but if you ever needed one, a race at The Bull Track in aid of the charity Help For Heroes is it! If you weren’t

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BR4R Bull Track Help for Heroes Poster

Help For Heroes Bull Track Race 02/09/2012

Should be a cracking event this weekend- BR4R and Help For Heroes teaming up to bring us a one-off race at the Bull Track on sunday. Saturday practise is £3, and camping at the Bull Track is free so long as you’re tidy!  Race entry is £15 for under 16 and £20 for adults, of

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Eighty Seven Outdoors Porc Race – 26.08.12

Porc is a weird one. Whenever there is a race there it’s a good one, but it’s always so hard to get excited about racing there. This time was different however, it was the first race we as BTR Fabrications have officially sponsored and put a stash of prizes up for, it was also the

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WDMBA Mountain Ash Race

The second round of the WDMBAs was a week away and I hadn’t entered. I was pretty keen to go after doing so well at round 1, but Dirt Mag still had my bike on test, so I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that we weren’t going. That was until Tam suggested

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