Introducing Fully Configurable Frame Kits

BTR fork options from Marzocchi, RockShox and Cane Creek

Introducing fully configurable frame kits – choose from a selection of our favourite headsets and forks with your frame, to kick off your ideal build.

[EDIT 30/08/2017 – Fork options now include the Fox 36 Factory RC2]
[EDIT 31/08/2017 – Fork options now include the Fox 36 Performance RC2]

Choice is one of our key offerings. Why buy a built-to-order bike? Well ours are exceptional at what they do, but also you can choose stuff; from bottle cage mounts and custom head badge text, to an integrated seat clamp and even geometry tweaks…and now you can even choose a headset and fork to go with your frame, and order the whole lot straight from our website. No fuss.

Until today [24/08/2017], our frame kits were available in Burf Edition or Tam Edition, each offering frame and forks at different price points. These have been merged into one configurable offering now, offering a range of forks and headsets beyond the original Hope and Marzocchi products.

Headset Options:

Originally we only offered the Hope Integral headset, but we’ve now added the legendary Chris King Inset headset alongside. Both headsets will give years of flawless service on your bike, but the Chris King offers a level of precision, detail, longevity and beauty above anything else.

BTR headset options from Chris King and Hope Technology
Headset options from Chris King and Hope Technology

Fork Options:

Fork options have been expanded to include the RockShox Pike RCT3, the Cane Creek HELM, the Fox 36 Factory RC2, and the Fox 36 Performance RC2, as well as the original Marzocchi 350 CR and 350 NCR. The RockShox Pike RCT3 needs no introduction – it’s the industry standard. Fox’s premium options offer excellent performance as always. The Cane Creek HELM is the real newcomer here, and it’s obvious that Cane Creek have applied their extensive experience with springs and dampers (as well as other excellent products) to the fork – it’s stunningly supple, well damped, highly adjustable, and the D-loc axle is a treat!

BTR fork options from Marzocchi, RockShox and Cane Creek
Fork options from Marzocchi, RockShox and Cane Creek

These new options will allow you to tailor your bike to your preferences, needs and budget – a much better complement for your customised frame.

Check out the new frame kit options:
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