BTR Workshop Move

As some of you may have seen on the Facebook page, and in Dirt Mag, BTR has been in the process of moving premises. It has been a mental busy period for both Tam and Myself and this would explain why the page has gone a bit dead over the last few months.

The way in, with Signage and Laser Art

It all started to happen when I lost my job before Christmas 2012. I got in touch with Andrew Denham off of The Bicycle Academy and asked him if he knew of any jobs I could apply for in the Frome area. He replied, “Well if you come over this way on the weekend we can talk about something I have been planning”. He had an idea about starting a Tig Welding Masterclass to run alongside the Brazing Masterclass he already offered. This sounded like a great plan and was something I had thought about doing before, so I was dead keen on the idea. Andrew also suggested we move BTR right next to TBA… So that was it, wheels were in motion and we both got to planning what we had to do in order to get this done.

The Rear Of The Shop

A few months later and we are in and just about running. There are a few little things that need to find a place to live, but its pretty much back to the way it was in the shed. Only a bit less pikey. I’m not sure how I feel about that though, I kinda like the hobo aesthetic of the shed and I will start to miss it once the novelty of this shiny new shop wears off. But for now I’m super stoked!

The Front Of The Shop, Offerings to the Gods Of Speed Shelf at the top right

We have big plans for next year, Big Plans! And one of our frames will be in a certain once-a-year top-products mag, So make sure you keep ’em peeled!

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