Steel Full-Suspension, Done Right; The 2017 Pinner

2017 Pinner Steel Full-Suspension Bike

The Pinner is a single pivot, linkage actuated, steel full-suspension chassis with 130.42mm of travel for riding hard and having fun. It’s available in 4 sizes, and for both 26” and 27.5” wheels. As with everything BTR, it’s designed and built by Burf & Tam in Frome, Somerset, UK.

This is our second iteration of the Pinner, our do-it-all trail destroyer. Designed to take on any challenge; from shuttle runs to all day epics, to the freeride line at the park. We’ve heavily revised the design to wring maximum performance from the Pinner; we’ve updated the geometry and suspension, as well as rethinking the structure of the front end and including our CNC machined dropouts on the swing arm. The front end and swing arm are built from steel, and the suspension links are CNC machined aluminium.

2017 Pinner Steel Full-Suspension Bike
2017 Pinner Show Build

We choose steel for our frames because the available tube profiles and material characteristics allow us to build a frame that has just the right amount of compliance, delivering high levels of grip and strength. Butted tubing from Reynolds allows us to build strength where it’s required and reduce weight where it’s not. Reynolds produce their high quality tubing for motorsport and the oil and gas industry, as well as bicycles and aerospace. The Reynolds 631 and 853 steel used in the Pinner has significantly higher strength than tried and tested 4130 tubing, allowing us to build a lighter and stronger frame.

The structural simplicity of a single pivot suspension system suits steel a lot better than the complexity of multi-link systems. The linkage actuated shock allows us to fine tune the leverage ratio to achieve a linear progressive rate which gives incredible bump sensitivity and grip, and still eats up heavy impacts. The result is a predictable, easy to set up suspension system. The operation of the suspension is much more important than the exact travel number, so we prioritise geometry and leverage over travel figures:
650B – 130.42mm
26 – 134.30mm

2017 Pinner Steel Full-Suspension Bike
2017 Pinner with Extreme Racing Storia Shock

We opted for a coil shock for the Pinner simply because they perform better. It’s impossible for an air sprung shock to deliver the sensitivity, linearity and reliability of a coil, so we’ve fine-tuned the suspension system to extract the maximum performance from coil sprung shocks.

We offer a choice between two shocks on the Pinner; a custom valved Extreme Storia Lok, or the Cane Creek DBcoil. We have worked closely with both Cane Creek and Extreme to make sure that both units are tuned perfectly for the Pinner, using computer analysis to accurately predict spring rate and optimal damping setup.

As with our Ranger builds, we will be offering the Pinner with the specs we each choose to ride; Tam Edition frames and builds will run the DBcoil shock, and Burf Edition models will feature the Storia LOK.

Tam Edition Pinner Steel Full-Suspension Frame
Tam Edition Pinner frame

With every bike we produce, fun and durability are at the top of our list. It’s important to us that our products give our customers the maximum enjoyment and will continue to do so for years to come. Weight is obviously a factor, so we put a lot of effort into building as light as possible, without compromising the other requirements of the bikes. For example, the Pinner’s shock is mounted to the top tube to avoid stressing the down tube, allowing us to remove weight from the largest tube in the frame.

A large 650B Pinner frame, with internal cable routing and integrated seat clamp weighs 3882g, including all hardware and the rear axle. The Storia Lok adds 700g with a 475lb Super Alloy spring, and the DBcoil adds 772g with a 500lb standard spring.


  • Small / Medium / Large / X Large
  • 26” / 27.5” wheels
  • Boost / standard rear dropout spacing
  • Integrated seat clamp
  • Bottle cage mount
  • ISCG05 chain device mount
  • Custom head-badge text



Frame only:


  • From £4250 (TBC)




Check out the Pinner product pages for more information:
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