Trail Tools; Back In Stock, Better Than Ever!

BTR Trail Tool

Trail Tools are back in stock and ready to go!

The BTR Trail Tool is our Swiss army knife trail building tool; versatile, invaluable, and tough.  They’ve been out of stock while we worked on the next batch, but now they’re back!

Order your Trail Tool now!

The Trail Tool – Check out that plating!

Some said it wasn’t possible, but we found a way to improve the best.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the durability of our products, and came across a zinc plating treatment which improves the lifespan of the coating seven-fold; this treatment is called ‘hexavalent passivation’, and apparently has self-healing properties….it’s like a living thing, apparently!  I don’t care much for colours, but this passivation is gold, and even in my books that’s pretty cool.

Trail Tool heads and handles are now available separately too!  Both are supplied with the required mounting screws, and handles are available in standard 140cm or short 120cm lengths.

BTR Trail Tool Head

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BTR Trail Tool Handle

Get a handle on it


There are bulk discounts for all 3 items, so get a group of your mates together and buy 6 or more in one order for a discount up to 20%!  You’ll even save money on shipping too!

As usual, get in touch if you need any more information!


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