Dirt Magazine Belter Review – A Grand Day In The Shed

Belter Review in Dirt Mag

Dirt Magazine Belter Review

I reckon its quite rare that anyone would get terribly excited about a grey package in their letter box, but there I was, grey package in hand…so excited I could sh1t.  DIRT’S HERE!!

Rip it open, contents page….’Wear and Tear’ – that sounds like us, P138 GO!  Sure enough, on page 138 there’s Burf’s Belter staring back at me, and a page-long review opposite.  A couple of minutes of reading later and I was still excited!

BTR Belter Review in Dirt Magazine 2012
Dirt Magazine Belter Review

But what did they reckon to it!??  Well, you’ll have to go and buy one or find a friend who has a copy you can read.  If you’re doing the latter, watch out for sticky pages.

Big thanks to the crew at Dirt Magazine, especially Butcher for the riding and words!

Tomorrow’s fun job of hauling the gearbox out of Burf’s van will drag me back down to earth no doubt- oh joy.




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