Trail Tool Adventures Video

Jasper Penton on the BTR Pinner during filming for Trail Tool Adventures

Trail Tool Adventures Video

A day down the woods, with your mates, cutting in lines then riding them…Trail Tool Adventures is what British mountain biking is all about!


The general plan for Trail Tool Adventures was to turn up at a virgin hillside with a bunch of gnarly dudes, rake out some corners, jumps and drops with the Trail Tool, and have an awesome time sending it sideways. I mainly just wanted to get a few loamy corners scraped in and smash the hell out of them, but #allthelads found some insane lines hidden away. Things I would never have envisaged, and Joel’s hip line was a prime example. It was hard to see how he was going to manage the run in and compression before take off, but he sent it and it was damn impressive to watch! You can judge for yourself by watching the video, but I reckon everything went exactly to plan.

Video by Caldwell Visuals, riding by Joel Anderson, Jasper Penton, Kettle, Isaac Anderson, Toby Down and more…


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