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Trail Tool Plus



There’s no point in having bombproof bikes if you don’t have the right tracks to ride them on; that’s why we made this take on the McLeod tool.

Raking, chopping, digging, packing down… We haven’t found anything more versatile than the Trail Tool™ Plus! It’s a tough tool, built to last – it’s 30mm diameter handle too. Oh, and that hole is for locking it to a tree so you can leave it trailside for next time.

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New for December 2020, the Trail Tool™ Plus is the next iteration of the indestructible and versatile Trail Tool™ we have all come to know and love. The Plus still has the sharp root cutting edge and the rake edge from the original Trail Tool™ , Plus an added feature. The new “spike” has been introduced to help penetrate that hard-pack dirt, but will no doubt come to many other uses out on the trail.
The Trail Tool™ Plus is built with the exact same quality as before, every tool is handmade, assembled and packaged under one roof, quality is guaranteed.
Toughened steel is used for the construction to ensure against bending and zinc plating with a gold passivate has been applied to prevent rust. The handle and tool head connect via a tapered fitting and is secured in place with two screws, this ensures a solid connection that does not come loose.

The Trail Tool™ is available with or without the handle, which can save you a stack on shipping costs. The ‘Head only – no handle’ option, does not include the wooden handle.

The Trail Tool™ head will only fit a tapered handle; 40mm diameter at the end, tapering to 35mm diameter at the top of the collar (150mm from the end). These handles may not be readily available near you, so please check before you buy!

“Trail Tool” and “Trailtool” are registered trade marks of Paul Burford and Tom Hamilton, partners in the BTR Fabrications partnership. Trade Mark No. UK00003249912

  • Handmade by Burf in the UK
  • Zinc plated for durable rust protection
  • Sharp edge for digging and chopping roots
  • Toothed edge for raking and breaking soil
  • Spiked end for breaking hard ground
  • Flat face for tamping down
  • Lock hole for security
  • 30mm diameter, 1.4m long wooden handle (Complete Trail Tool™ Plus)
  • Supplied with 2x screws for attaching the handle (Trail Tool™ Plus Head Only)

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