BTR X Joel Anderson – The Pinner Video

Joel Anderson on the BTR Pinner by Caldwell Visuals for The Pinner Video

The Pinner Video

What better way to launch our updated Pinner frame, than to send our test bike to Joel Anderson and Tom Caldwell to show the world what it can do??


Hot on the heels of ‘A Bigger Slice Of British Pie’, Caldwell Visuals has produced this masterpiece of madness featuring Joel Anderson on the Pinner – our steel full suspension bike. The Pinner video shows off just how capable 130mm of rear suspension travel can be when it’s designed and built properly. From backflips to cases, and hucks to drifts, the Pinner takes it all without flinching.

Still unsure if the Pinner is the bike for you? Watch the video and think again…

Riding by Joel Anderson
Film by Caldwell Visuals

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The Pinner