The Hack Bike Derby 2016 Video

The Hack Bike Derby logo

The Hack Bike Derby 2016 video by Alex Rankin

The Hack Bike Derby is an annual invitational event, in which frame builders from around the UK build a bike ‘quickly’ and cheaply, to compete in a weekend of races.  Burf and Tam took part in the 2016 event, creating very different machines to race on…

The event weekend was the culmination of an epic week of cutting, welding, brazing, bodging, tinkering, swearing and generally hacking.  Alex Rankin captured the atmosphere perfectly, squeezing the weekend of digging, racing and drinking into this 17-minute wonder…

The Hack Bike Derby event was created by The Bicycle Academy, and supported by Bell Helmets, Bontrager and Break Fluid Coffee Co.

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