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Pinner Frame

From: £2400.00

We wanted a full suspension bike to ride all day on any terrain and never worry about it breaking; a blend of downhill bike strength with trail bike efficiency, and relaxed geometry. We always wished a bike like this existed, so we built the Pinner.

Ranger Frame

From: £1000.00

When we headed to Scotland for the inaugural Dudes of Hazzard enduro race, we thought it a good idea to make something a little more ‘all round’ than the Belter… So we created the Ranger to take us up hill, down dale, through the jumps and probably to the pub after.

Belter Frame

From: £1000.00

The Belter is our pure downhill hardtail frame. It’s the original long, low and slack hardtail, and it’s tough as nails.

Chaser Frame

From: £1100.00

A highly versatile trail and XC bike, the Chaser reigns supreme from a fast lap of your local trails, up to a full day in the saddle.

Chaser SS Frame

From: £1100.00

A trail bike born from endurance XC roots, the single speed Chaser SS is ideal for fast-and-light blasts around your local woods, or spending hours in the saddle ticking off the miles.