Ranger Frame Kit

Ranger Frame Kit

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The Ranger Frame Kit is the Ranger frame, available with a selection of forks & headsets.

Choose forks from Cane Creek, or RockShox, and headsets from Chris King or Hope to start your ideal build. Even add a MudHugger FR guard!

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December 1st, 2018: Clearcoat is no longer available on BTR frames; please select a colour instead. Marzocchi forks are also unavailable since the discontinuation of the 350 (pictured). We still use the same materials and workmanship under the coloured powder coat, but product images are for illustration only! More information >

The Ranger Frame Kit is the Ranger frame, available with a selection of forks & headsets. Choose forks from Cane Creek, RockShox or Fox, and headsets from Chris King or Hope to start your ideal build.

Fork Options:

  • RockShox Pike RCT3 (650B/27.5″ & 29″ only)
  • Cane Creek HELM Air or Coil (650B/27.5″/29″ Boost only – Coil 130mm travel)

All forks will be supplied at 120mm travel, except the Cane Creek HELM Coil which will be set at 130mm.
N.B. As of February 2018, the Fox 36 is no longer available in 120mm travel.

Headset Options:

  • Hope Type 2/Type H, not including ‘Head Doctor’ expander & top cap
  • Chris King Inset 7, includes top cap

Add the MudHugger FR guard to keep your eyes clean on wet days.

Complete the build with your own choice of components, or check out the complete Ranger build options.

  • Ranger frame
  • Available in 7 sizes
  • RockShox Pike RCT3, Cane Creek HELM, Fox 36 Factory RC2, Fox 36 Performance RC2, all 120mm travel except HELM Coil (130mm)
  • Hope or Chris King headset

BTR can supply any further components you need with your frame kit, right up to a complete bike! Contact us to discuss your dream build!

Need to know anything else? Check our FAQ, or Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Ranger 2015 Geometry Diagram

26 XX Small380601.21370541.09424051114.8363751301450440
26 Extra Small400601.21380561.09424051134.8363751301450440
26 Small420601.21400581.09424101159.8363751301450440
26 Medium440610.12420603.48424151189.3763751401450440
26 Large460619.03440625.87424151213.9163751501450440
26 Extra Large480619.03455645.87424201238.9163751501450440
26 XX Large500615.03455664.80384251263.9163751501450440
29 Small420658.08400596.3373.754261187.7464751301453151
29 Medium440658.08420616.3373.754261207.7464751301453151
29 Large460658.08440636.3373.754261227.7464751301453151
29 Extra Large480667.07455658.7473.754261252.1264751401453151
29 XX Large500672.05455680.0869.754261276.5164751501453151
650 X Small400624.38380567.3054.254101141.1963.5751301451442
650 Small420624.38400587.3054.254101161.1963.5751301451442
650 Medium440624.38420607.3054.254151186.1963.5751301451442
650 Large460633.33440629.7054.254151210.6563.5751401451442
650 Extra Large480642.28455652.1054.254201240.1163.5751501451442
650 XX Large500638.28455671.0350.254251265.1163.5751501451442

Internal Cable Routing

The cables are routed through thin stainless steel guide tubes, which run the full length of each internal portion. Rear brake and derailleur cables run internally through the down tube, then externally below the chain stays for the remaining distance. Stealth dropper post cable routing runs internally through the down tube, and directly into the base of the seat tube. The front ends of the cables are sealed to the stainless guide tubes, so that water and dirt cannot enter the frame.

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Integrated Seat Clamp

An integrated seat clamp keeps the bike as simple and secure as possible, and complements a dropper seatpost nicely. The clamp requires a 5mm allen key to release and tighten.

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Custom Head Badge Text

Custom head badge text allows you to add a line of text to the head tube badge on your frame. Add your own name, your preferred beverage, a short message about Strava or carbon fibre, or even your favourite film, to personalise your bike. Maximum of 11 characters; A-Z, 0-9.

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Chain Device Mount

If you want to run a chain device, you need to have an ISCG05 mount. The mount can support a bash guard, or only an upper chain guide, or a full chain device with integrated bash.

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Bottle Cage Mounts

BTR bottle cage bosses are stainless steel, and ‘blind’ (no through-hole). This means that they not only work flawlessly as mounts, but also ensure that the frame isn’t compromised by their existence – even if you leave them open. Each pair (for one bottle cage) costs £20.

Bottle Cage Locations:

  • First cage – top side of down tube
  • Second cage – front side of seat tube
  • Third cage – underside of down tube

If you need to relocate a bottle cage, please contact us before placing your order.

Front Derailleur Cable Routing

If you need more than 500% gear range, we can still equip your frame with cable guides for a front derailleur. Note that these guides are always external, even if all other cables are internally routed. The cable will be routed on the underside of the top tube, and to a fixed stop on the back of the seat tube above the derailleur.

Standard Frame Colours

Standard frame colours are included in the price of a frame. Please refer to the Frame Colour Chart. Please note that the clearcoat (raw) frame finish is no longer available, as of December 1st 2018.

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Special Frame Colours

Special frame colours may incur a surcharge above the £60 included, due to multi-coats and powder costs; this can be up to another £60 (£120 total). We’ll inform before commencing work on your order if there is any additional charge to be paid.

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Custom Decal Colours

Custom decal orders will receive a spare set of decals. Please refer to the Custom Decal Colour Chart.

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  • 44mm head tube (requires external lower headset cup) More Information
  • 31.6mm seat tube (34.9mm clamp)
  • 142 or 148 x 12mm dropouts, axle included
  • Post rear brake mount (160 – 205mm disc)
  • 73mm threaded (BSA) BB
  • Boost/148 max. rear tyre size: 2.4″ (2.5″ with low clearance)
  • 142 max. rear tyre size: 2.35″ (2.4″ with low clearance)
  • 26″ max. chainring: 36t
  • 650B/27.5″ max. chainring: 34t
  • 29″ max. chainring: 32t


  • RockShox Pike RCT3 (120mm)
  • Cane Creek HELM Coil (130mm)
  • Cane Creek HELM Air (120mm)
  • Fox 36 Factory RC2
  • Fox 36 Performance RC2


  • Hope Integral
  • Chris King Inset7

BTR can supply any other components you need with your frame, or even a complete bike!

The following size recommendations are a guideline only- contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs!

Frame SizeMin. Rider HeightMax. Rider Height
Custom-156cm (5' 1.5")
XX Small152cm (5' 0")162cm (5' 4")
Extra Small158cm (5' 2")168cm (5' 6")
Small164cm (5' 4.5")174cm (5' 8.5")
Medium170cm (5' 7")180cm (5' 11")
Large176cm (5' 9.5")186cm (6' 1")
Extra Large182cm (5' 11.5")192cm (6' 3.5")
XX Large188cm (6' 2")198cm (6' 6")
Custom194cm (6' 4.5")-

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