BikePark Wales on a Ranger

Burf's 2017 Ranger Prototype Bike at BikePark Wales 50 Shades of Black
It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post…so long that in the time that’s elapsed, I’ve got older.

To mark the occasion I rounded up my best mates, and headed to BikePark Wales on a Ranger.  In November.  It snowed and rained, but that didn’t do too much to dampen spirits…

One thing’s for sure – though I’m riding the same bike, I’m not a patch on Emyr Davies… The Ranger did me proud though, up and down hill!

We’ve been slack on blog posts, but behind the scenes we’ve been anything but idle!

A few of you may have seen Burf’s new Ranger, which looks like a Ranger (well, because it is!) but really is all-new.

There’s been a couple of years of brain work, a solid week of CAD work, a couple of weeks of tool making and bad welding (mine, not Burf’s)…

Do you even weld Tam?? – – (Spoiler alert: No.) – #weldporn #doyouevenweldbro #pidgeonpoo

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…as well as the build time itself, and now a few big days of riding.  There’s still a bit to do though, before we can tell you any more.

But that’s not all we’ve been up to:
  • Frame kits are now available from our website.
  • Extra functionality is brewing away behind the scenes on the website too, as well as speed improvements and other tweaks.
  • Trail Tools are out of stock, again (sigh), but we’re already working on the next batch!
  • The Trail Tool will have a big brother soon too…
  • We’ve redesigned our 12mm rear axle.
  • Remember when BTR made full suspension bikes??  Hold that thought…
  • Big plans are in motion for the BTR Team next year – world domination coming right up!
  • We’ve been solidly turning out frames and bikes for customers around the world – as far afield as New Zealand, and as close as Bath.
  • We have two more frame models nearing production, opening up new a new discipline for BTR, and a new trend.
  • We’ve worked with Reynolds, Dedacciai, and The Bicycle Academy, producing custom tubing to allow us to push the geometry and performance of our bikes to new levels.

It’s been a good year already, but we’ve got plenty of exciting developments coming in the month or so that remains.  Watch this space!



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