PORC Downhill Series 2013, Rd 3


The first two rounds of this series have been pretty damn good, so the excitement levels coming into this race were pretty high. There was much speculation about the weather, but the farmers weather app said there would be sun so some hope was still there for a top weekend.

I had to finish welding a customers frame on Saturday morning and didn’t get to the venue till after 4. This did not make Riley happy as I had his bike after servicing his forks. He was already kitted up and was gone with his bike  in a blink of an eye. I chose not to get any practice in and just set up camp instead, I found a pretty sweet spot on the far side of the hill and started the BBQ and got the cider out.


It ended up being a pretty late start in the morning but I still managed to get 3 practice runs in before racing started and I felt pretty comfortable. The track was flat out, like proper flat out! Plus there were jumps the whole way down. There wasn’t much technical going on, but as always with the tracks at PORC, there was one tricky technical bit to catch the riders out. After two big berms you came into a blind right hander and over the top of a brow, into a little rock garden. Come in too fast and it all goes horribly wrong. Come in too slow and your speed is dead for the rest of the track until the finish. Like I said, tricky section, make or break your whole race run there!


Rhys was absolutely flying in practice! It was actually insane watching someone go that fast on a hardtail. He is testing out our 4x prototype frame and absolutely loves it, this track was pretty much a big fast 4x track and the frame must have done him well, as he managed a second place in the youth catagory!


I managed to mess my first run up in that tricky section I was on about, I came in too fast round the corner and went offline over the brow and ended up having to go round the chicken line over the next jump. This killed all my speed for the pedaly bit to the finish and I ended up with a pretty rubbish time. Luckily my next two runs were much better and I managed to take the top step of the podium on my last run!

Aaron overcame his mechanical troubles of Saturday’s practice and got his head in the game for a first place in the Rippers category. Riley also smashed it in the juvenile class with a second place, only being beaten by an actual giant.


Quite a banger of a weekend all in all. Top job to Mike and all his team for putting on such a great event! Make sure your at the next one, 23rd June!

Keep ‘er sideways!




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