February Roundup: Chocolate cake-fuelled winter miles

 February Roundup: Chocolate cake-fuelled winter miles

All things considered it has been a good month of training. I’ve managed to get a lot of miles under my belt, but it’s not been easy due to the endless hurricane headwind! Amongst other stuff, I smashed my first 100 miler of the year, ran my fastest 5km yet and heaved myself over some hill repeats. I’m also starting to layer on some speed sessions, it’s hard work but I need to make sure I don’t end up like a diesel engine come the summer!

It’s not all been pain and suffering though, I went to see Jungle at Bristol 02 last week and they were awesome!

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Finally, I have caved and treated myself to a GoPro to play with on holiday. I’ve made a few short films in the past and really enjoyed it, so expect lots more clips like this:


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