Busy-ness! – Activity From The BTR Shed

Its a BUSY week in the BTR Shed; Buzzing about all the building thats going on!

Messy workbench in the BTR Shed, again
The bench- covered again! Theres a lot of win on there though.

Got laser cut parts for a couple of projects in- all looking good!  Really happy with how these horizontal dropouts are coming along!

Laser cut and fabricated horizontal dropouts

More additions to the jig too…in fact, thinking about it now, its actually finished! Wahoo!

The finishing touch to the swing arm jig
The finishing touch!

We also have a couple of Ranger builds in progress, coming along well now- should have them away to get a lick of paint next week.  One of them has even had some QR dropouts specially designed and laser cut!

Capped top tube ends for Ranger builds
Bang tidy!
BTR Ranger top tube and seat stay assemblies
Rangers in the making!

This morning (18th, that is) was fork service central…serves me right for putting them off till the last minute!  My favorite was this set of RockShox Pikes getting a Revelation Motion Control DNA cartridge.  To my surprise it all goes together without the slightest of bodges; all you need to do is add a little extra oil because the cartridge is shorter.  Winning.

Old RockShox Pike forks with modern compression damping
Proper old Pikeys with modern compression damping…win? Meh, looks tidy anyhow!

Created some accidental art along the way, always good!

Accidental art - Harry Potter snitch in offcuts
Harry Potter snitch anyone?

And a mystery part too…well, I know exactly what it is…I hope!

Mystery laser cut frame part
Any guesses what it does?

One day, pretty soon I hope, these random parts and mystery bodgers will get welded up, and we’ll be able to reveal exactly what we’ve been up to. But for now its spy-shots only, sorry.

It seems I can only write these things in the middle of the night now, so thats all folks- its my bed time!



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