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Taking inspiration from our Trail Tool, the Tough Rake is our evolution of the common rake. Prioritising versatility and durability, the Tough Rake is invaluable for clearing lines and moving soil, as well as smoothing and tamping down.

Head and mounting screws only; no handle!
Complete Tough Rake

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Built for breaking up, moving and packing down soil, the Tough Rake comes into its own when building dirt jumps and trails.  Its 40cm wide head takes the hard work out of dragging earth and sculpting contours. The teeth are aggressive enough to bite into and move packed soil, and the straight back creates smooth lines with ease.  Once you’ve created the shape you want, the Tough Rake is strong enough to tamp down your creation.

This is the Tough Rake head only, and does not include the wooden handle. The Tough Rake Head requires a tapered handle; 40mm diameter at the end, tapering to 35mm diameter at the top of the collar (150mm from the end).

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  • Head only; handle not included
  • Handmade by Burf and Tam in the UK
  • Zinc plated with hexavalent passivation
  • 125 x 400mm head
  • Toothed edge for raking and breaking soil
  • Reinforced back & flat face for tamping down
  • Straight back for smoothing soil
  • Supplied with 2x screws for attaching the handle

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