Ryan McKee & his Chaser XC

Ryan McKee

Age: 22
From: Westbury, Wiltshire
Years racing: 1
Style of racing: Cross Country
Category: Singlespeed
Rides: Chaser XC
Races: Gorrick series, Torq 12:12, Erlestoke 12, Oktoberfest and basically anything that involves pedalling for 6 – 12hrs.
Favourite race venue: Erlestoke
Riding hero: Chris Akrigg

What got you into racing?
Riding new trails and meeting new people

How did you hear of BTR?
Through The Bicycle Academy

What do you do to improve your riding?
Hill climb repetitions, road bike training sessions and riding my Chaser XC in the Welsh mountains.

How do BTR help with your riding aside from helping with the bikes?
I’ve always been a bit rubbish at maintenance, so BTR have helped me learn how to keep my bikes running smoothly.

What’s the best thing about racing bikes?
Being surrounded by talented riders who force you to ride to the best of your ability!

Where would you like to go with your racing?
I want to get as much experience as possible this season, to help me take on some adventure racing next year.

Ryan’s Ride

Ryan’s bike is built around the Chaser XC frame, and Marzocchi 320 LCR fork.

Ryan’s Posts

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