Clare Curtis

Clare Curtis

Age: 33
From: Warwick, now Forest of Dean
Years racing: 2012 – 2016 4X so far…
Style of racing: 4X & having a bash at some enduro
Bike: Ignitor & Ranger
Favourite race venue: Afan
Riding hero: Kathy Sessler

What got you into racing?
Local riding spots, good friends and just having a go! Turned into a labour of love spending a great few years promoting Women’s 4X racing!

How did you hear of BTR?
Ha! Fixing another riders bike trackside. Got me noticing the frame, the design and so went looking for the company. Really liked the ethos of BTR and the rest as they say, is some awesome steel based history!!

What do you do to improve your riding?
Ride more. New places, new features, and trying to ride the stuff that scares me…

How do BTR help with your riding aside from helping with the bikes?
Support with events and input over the technical aspects of the frames, kit & parts and generally being awesome at life!

What’s the best thing about racing bikes?
Racing bikes! I get to spend my weekends away with the bike, travelling, meeting new folk and riding bikes.

Where would you like to go with your racing?
Wherever it takes me, just happy to be out on my bikes!

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