Andrew Lynas

Age: 24
From: Newcastle, Co.Down
Style of riding: All mountain/trail/occasional enduro racer
Rides: Ranger
Favourite trail: Some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike was on a trail called “Flat White” in the Golfie in the Tweed Valley. Berm after berm after berm… each one perfectly sculpted and tempting you to try the next a little faster. It’s one of those trails that you get to the bottom of and your face hurts because you’re smiling so much.

How did you hear of BTR?
Not sure really. I think my mate Tony might have told me to check them out! I definitely remember drooling over the original Ranger with its signature x gussets!

What do you enjoy most about coaching and guiding?
The money, the women, the jetset lifestyle, Haha, no. I just love helping people do what they want to do on their bikes and hearing their stories whether it’s teaching some youngsters how to hit a drop like a boss or guiding a group of pensioners along a gentle forest road before stopping for a good picnic! I always arrive home feeling happy about my day!

What’s the best thing about riding bikes?
The places you can go, the people you meet and having good craic with mates. You can pack so much in when you go for a days biking unlike any other outdoor sport.

Where do you most want to ride, but haven’t (yet) been?
I had the opportunity to go to Morocco and was pretty amazed at the landscape. I’d love to go back and do a full scale expedition in the Atlas Mountains.

Worst moment in cycling?
I was on holiday in Italy with three of my school mates. Arriving in Pisa we were a bit short on funds and decided a tour of the Leaning Tower was too pricey and went in search of cheaper things to do. We found a man offering pedal car tours so we hired one and, together with a free map, we were sent on our way, a bit shocked to be let loose on public roads by ourselves. After getting hopelessly lost my friend Niall had finally got us almost back to where we needed to be, and we could see our destination in the distance. But, between us and it was a one way street going the wrong way. After saying, “Ah sure it’ll be grand” we set off the wrong way down the street, Niall at the helm and the rest of us pedalling like fury. Half way along I heard a shout of “oh fudge” or something similar as Niall steered us straight into a parked Mercedes outside what appeared to be the busiest cafe in town. All sorts of shouting ensued and after consulting my phrase book and learning the Italian for I’m sorry, “mi dispiaci” we heard the sirens approaching! We quickly lifted the pedal car and turned it round to face the right direction. The Carabinieri arrived and told us to follow them to the station. After the indignity of being unable to keep up with our own police escort we made it to the station, gave written statements and said, “mi dispiaci” many times to everyone we met. Thankfully we were eventually released.

Andrew’s Ride

Andrew’s bike is a semi-custom Tam Edition Ranger, with upgrades to the hubs, BB, forks and seat post. Hubs and BB are upgraded to Hope parts, forks are upgraded to the Cane Creek HELM air, and the seat post is a Marzocchi Transfer.

Andrew Lynas’ Team Ranger

Andrew Lynas’ Team Ranger

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