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12mm Rear Axle


Spare 12mm rear axle for all BTR frames with 135, 142, 148, 150, 157, or 177 x 12mm rear dropouts.  CNC machined in the UK to our specification and design from 7075-T6.

135/150 Mech Hanger


Spare rear derailleur hangers to fit BTR 135 x 12 or 150 x 12 dropouts.  Steel hangers handmade alongside steel frames.

Replacement Head Badge


Spare head badge for all BTR frames.  Hand-stamped with original text, or optionally change or add your custom text.  Supplied curved to fit the head tube, with 2x stainless steel mounting bolts.

Tool Handle


Spare wooden handle for all BTR Trail Tools.  Choose between the standard 140cm length, or short 120cm length.

Handle and mounting screws only.

Trail Tool Head


There’s no point in having bombproof bikes if you don’t have the right tracks to ride them on; that’s why we made this take on the McLeod tool.

Raking, chopping, digging, packing down… We haven’t found anything more versatile than the Trail Tool™! It’s a tough tool, built to last. Oh, and those holes are for locking it to a tree so you can leave it trailside for next time.

Head and mounting screws only; no handle!
Complete Trail Tool

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Tough Rake Head


Taking inspiration from our Trail Tool, the Tough Rake is our evolution of the common rake. Prioritising versatility and durability, the Tough Rake is invaluable for clearing lines and moving soil, as well as smoothing and tamping down.

Head and mounting screws only; no handle!
Complete Tough Rake

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