We have a very limited budget, so if you’d like to be sponsored by BTR you’ll really have to inspire us to take you on board. We are most interested in sponsoring riders who we believe reflect our philosophy on bikes, riding and life in general, rather than those who are fast or at the top of their game. A sponsored rider’s main job is to promote BTR, and this means regularly generating unique, engaging and inspiring content for social media, our website, and beyond; riding and racing has only very limited impact, unless it’s at the sharp end of international competition. It’s a big commitment for us, which needs a big commitment from you too.

N.B. Emailing or messaging us simply asking if we want to sponsor you will get you nowhere; we won’t even bother to respond. If you really want to be a part of the BTR team, you need to tell us about yourself, your riding, why you want to be on the team, and most importantly how you can help promote BTR, and any further information that you think we’d like to hear.

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