Fan Mail #08: Fabian // Denmark

Fabian has had his Ranger for 5 months, and is already clearing out his unused bikes…

“It’s been a while since I’ve mailed you guys, and the reason I write now is that I just sold my full suspension bike. A few weeks ago I was at a nearby trail center on my Ranger with a couple of friends who ride Kingdom Vendettas, and I have to say it was the most fun I’ve had on a bike this year. Angus saw me coming down one of the black DH tracks on the hardtail, and he was like “no way, that’s the craziest I’ve seen lately, it was like watching a DH race run, looking at you”. It was raining, very soft and muddy, and I was taking some very exciting lines on the edges of rocks, drifting the rear end and popping over small stuff. When I got back home, I had that funny goofy feeling of happiness and satisfaction, and I returned to the trail centre the week after, with my brother and girlfriend. My brother is on the same fully as I had, and he did have some trouble keeping up on some of the tracks going down.

So, I just sold my fully. Thanks for a great bike!!”

Fan Mail is a collection of copied and pasted messages from people who just send us nice emails, and customers telling us how much they love their bikes. This is the stuff that keeps our spirits up, and really makes the job worthwhile.

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