Fan Mail #07: Chris // France

Chris took delivery of his Belter in December 2016, and has spent a fair bit of time with it in the Alps putting it through it paces…

Jesus that Belter is something special! I’ve spent the week chasing a guide on his Orange Stage 6 down proper alpine descents, not man made bike park stuff (except a day at La Thuille) and I’ve never had so much fun on a bike. That’s in maybe 16-17 years of riding now… nothing has been as hilariously mental as riding that thing flat out chasing someone with 160mm of safety net on sketchy, steep trails.

That’s what the Belter is all about!

Fan Mail is a collection of copied and pasted messages from people who just send us nice emails, and customers telling us how much they love their bikes. This is the stuff that keeps our spirits up, and really makes the job worthwhile.

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