Fan Mail #05: Olov Stenlund // Swedish Lapland

Olov has the patience of a saint. His build is a fully-custom fat bike, which he has called the ‘Roamer’. Living in Swedish Lapland, Olov is fully justified in his choice of tyre width; sandy lake shores in summer, snow and ice all winter. Still, the Roamer isn’t a bumble about adventure/trekking bike; it’s a full-hammer fast-as-you-can trail weapon…with fat tyres. We also built Olov a suspension-corrected rigid fork for the winter months. Both frame and fork feature Olov’s trademark snowflake under the clear coating. The whole thing took us a long time – we’d never built a fat bike before…I think we nailed it though!


Well that turned out pretty damn awesome! It feels exactly like I imagined.

Thanks once again, also loved the bottle opener, and T-shirt fits like a glove.

Cheers boys and Stay Awesome


Thanks Olov, enjoy the ride!

Fan Mail is a collection of copied and pasted messages from people who just send us nice emails, and customers telling us how much they love their bikes. This is the stuff that keeps our spirits up, and really makes the job worthwhile.

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