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Jake Boylett is originally from South-West England, but moved to NZ more than half his life ago. He’s spent plenty time racing MX bikes, and bears the scars…and a smashed knee. He doesn’t let that hold him back though, and is still pushes hard on his bikes.

About Jake

From: Plymouth, UK, but now live in Nelson, NZ
Style of riding: DH/Enduro
Rides: Custom Pinner
Favourite trail: Rheola be my favourite track; some many good memories there with Dragon DH. I guess my favourite trail is now my local; it’s proper rad!

How did you hear about BTR?
My good buddy Emyr Davies , he told me about these radical hard tails…

What got you into racing?
When I was small my mum and dad raced DH, but when the foot & mouth disease outbreak came, their bikes hung in the shed. I would take them and break them all the time down the local woods, so it started there and with bit of BMX

What do you do to improve your riding?
BMX, moto… I love dirt bikes! Just riding trail or down hill; anything! I love learning new stuff and riding with cool people who are better then me, because you can learn so fast.

What’s the best thing about riding bikes?
Roosting turns & having a laugh in the slop, covered in mud! Always a big smile, and you gotta earn ya beer some how!

Riding hero?
Chris Akrigg; he’s the man! Toby Price is crazy on the dirt bike… Valentino Rossi, Jonny Walker, Steve Peat, Rat Boy, Connor Fearon…just anyone with amazing all-round skills I look up to.

What’s your racing goal?
I like picking some cool events and focusing on them, training, getting excited and doing the best I can. Unfortunately my knee is stuffed so I run with a big old disadvantage, but I love doing my best, and sometimes I sneak in with a good result!

Where do you most want to ride, but haven’t (yet) been?
Madeira looks amazing, & Whistler… I’d like to come back to England and go shredding with some old friends too.

Jake's Bike

Jake rides a custom Pinner frame, with Cane Creek DBcoil shock. The remainder of the build is an amalgamation of tried-and-tested parts; all function, b*ll*cks to form! Let’s go racing!

Jake Boylett Ambassador BTR Fabrications Pinner Bike

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